New video: FPV Training Playground

Just me doing some FPV training at the local playground / soccer field.

After I finally got used to flying acro mode, i decided it’s time to raise my rates, lower the d, raise the p and add some speed to the quad.
I think have to practice smoother movement though… 😉

FPV Picnic and building the Wizz racequad

Yet another video is out, as you can probably see our flying skills constantly improve. In the meantime i’ve also been building a new quad, this time without tilting arms, a “regular” racequad on the Wizzard 220 frame.

Here’s the new quad in the building process:

How often can you crash your FPV race quads in one weekend?

We went out to fly,  and this time there really was a lot of crashing involved. That’s just the way it’s supposed to be if you’re learning to fly, I guess. Especially if you’re trying to pass things with as little distance as as possible, flying proximity, and if you max out the physics of your race quad with rolls and all kinds of stupid maneuvers.

Nuff said, video’s out, enjoy!

Connecting the Eachine Racer 180 to Betaflight in Linux

This udev rule worked out just fine:

​rephlex@hera:~$ cat /etc/udev/rules.d/45-stdfu-permissions.rules 
# DFU (Internal bootloader for STM32 MCUs)

ACTION==”add”, SUBSYSTEM==”usb”, ATTRS{idVendor}==”0483″, ATTRS{idProduct}==”ea60″, MODE=”0664″, GROUP=”plugdev”

Everytime you plug the Eachine in, be sure to 

sudo chmod 777 /dev/ttyUSB0

in order to get permission to the serial/USB port as regular user.

Now just run the Betaflight Configurator using the Chrome app, set the device node, and you’re ready to flash and configure Betaflight.

Note, for flashing i had to set the baud rate to 19200 or so, for config it’s the 100.000 rate. Just try them all, one of the baud rates will work.