FiSH 0.98 Plugin for XChat (Linux/Windows, 32bit x86, 64bit x64)

*** ALERT ***

FiSH 0.98 has just become extremely dangerous to use. There is an unpatched exploit in the latest and last Version (0.98) which can be used to gain Privileges on the client system using FiSH. Windows, Linux and MacOS are all affected.

See the full advisory here: www-global-evolution-info-news-files-fish-encryption-Advisory-FISHX

(The Text was taken from which is down, hence the local copy)


*** Original Article ***

Download link: FiSH_0.98_for_XChat_Linux_32_64_bit.tar

Simply copy the .so file corresponding to your architecture into /usr/lib/xchat/plugins/ and make sure you restart xchat.

Tested on Ubuntu 12.10 using xchat 2.8.8, but should work on most other versions of xchat as well as other distros. Maybe even on MS Windows.

Your comments are appreciated!

LINUX USER HINT #1: Xchat for Linux will on some distros – Fedora 19 for example – place your xchat config under ~/.config/xchat2 instead of ~/.xchat2. The Plugin will not work, unless you set a symlink like so:

ln -s ~/.config/xchat2/ ~/.xchat2

The path ~/.xchat2 seems to be hardcoded into the FiSH .so binary at some place. The plugin will start without warnings, but will not be able to decrypt properly because blow.ini is not found if you do not set the symlink.

4 Kommentare zu „FiSH 0.98 Plugin for XChat (Linux/Windows, 32bit x86, 64bit x64)“

  1. hi m8,

    for some reason i get an error using 32bit elf on lubuntu 12.04 32bit:

    AutoLoad failed for: /usr/lib/xchat/plugins/
    /usr/lib/xchat/plugins/ falsche ELF-Klasse: ELFCLASS64
    Python interface loaded

    root@blume:/home/blume/FiSH_0.98_for_XChat_Linux_32_64_bit/32bit# readelf -h
    ELF Header:
    Magic: 7f 45 4c 46 02 01 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
    Class: ELF64
    Data: 2’s complement, little endian
    Version: 1 (current)
    OS/ABI: UNIX – System V
    ABI Version: 0
    Type: DYN (Shared object file)
    Machine: Advanced Micro Devices X86-64
    Version: 0x1
    Entry point address: 0x4fe0
    Start of program headers: 64 (bytes into file)
    Start of section headers: 116608 (bytes into file)
    Flags: 0x0
    Size of this header: 64 (bytes)
    Size of program headers: 56 (bytes)
    Number of program headers: 6
    Size of section headers: 64 (bytes)
    Number of section headers: 31
    Section header string table index: 28


  2. you’re right, i /did/ pack the wrong file (it was the same as in the x64 folder). i re-uploaded the archive, double-checked it, you should be fine now!

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