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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum 4S2P DIY Battery Pack Repair

My Xiaomi Robot (V1) just sporadically shut down after around 20 Minutes of cleaning, stating "Error 14". I looked it up, and Error 14 stands for battery malfunction.

Since i own a lot of 18650 battery packs I'm able to build my own battery from old laptop battery 18650s, so I decided to upload the pinout of the Xiaomi Charging Pad

Solder your 4S cells here and you're good to go!

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  1. Betrand Betrand

    Whats are the white and yellow connectors ?
    Voltage I guess ? (4 and 12v ) ?


  2. Hi Bertrand, no. I thought they were balance leads, but they are proprietary signal pins, problably temperature sensors or so.

  3. Bertrand Bertrand

    Thank you Florian

    I thkink my board is broken because even after changing the cells I cannot charge the "new battery".
    Rockrobot is saying "battery charging" then move away from the charger few seconds after.

    Any other Ideas ?


  4. ReX ReX

    Bertrand, I have exactly the same issue.

    With the original cells, the battery died during the cleaning.

    After chancing all the cells, it now refuses to charge and the vacuum moves away from the base.

    Did you manage to fix the issue?


  5. Diego Diego

    Rex, same issues bere. Ive swapped all cells with Sony vtc6A. Parallel cells are balanced, same voltage (3.7). Have you fix the issues?
    Thanks for your reply

  6. rEx rEx

    poke 17v into the cell for 5 minutes then try again.

  7. That's extremely unsafe. If your individual cells are not balanced, you will overcrarge one of the cells by doing so.

  8. X3K X3K

    Probably is fuse blown left from 4s pin(blue with 3 extra long legs:-) …

  9. Dimitris Dimitris

    I can confirm that after replacing the cells sometimes the bms will not turn on and the output voltage is 0v between black and red cable.
    to fix that you have to apply 16.8v for a couple of seconds to the black and red wire. the bms will turn on and the battery will operate normally after that

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