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I build a Y-6 FPV Hexacopter

Here it is: A Y6 hexacopter build from scrap parts and a self printed TPU frame.

Pardon the build quality. I really hacked it together in a total of 4 hours. It looks like sh*t, but it flies SO GOOD!

It’s running Betaflight 3.5. The motors are just some random Racerstars – two different sizes even! 2206 on top, 2205 on the bottom. The ESCs are two 20A and 4 30A (Racerstar and Makerfire).

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Ghost / unknown flying object (FPV Freestyle Double Feature)

I uploaded a new video onto the Tube, it’s called „Ghost / unknown flying object“.

I liked picking up the idea of a double feature, which is movie enthusiast slang nowadays, but used to be quite common: You pay once, and get to see two movies (two features).

It’s mainly footage from my Mallorca trip in 2018, the intro is me chasing Sean’s wing in Hallstadt, Germany. It’s not related to Mallorca, just thought to myself it makes for a good opening. Well, now that i think about it, that sesh was the last time I went flying before going on that plane, so it kinda has its place there at the beginning.

So, without further ado: Enjoy and please subscribe!

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Martian II FPV Camera Angles

In case you’re wondering, since it’s not stated in the manual:

The notches for setting the FPV Camera angle are 15°, 30° and 45°.

There you go, Internet, now it’s documented forever 🙂

I fly 30° personally, since for freestyle I think 45 is too fast and 15 is so incredibly slow, you’re almost not moving forward at all.

Have a look at my FPV Freestyle Videos on YouTube if you like!

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